90 cc Four Wheelers for Sale

90cc Four Wheelers have taken off recently as the standard engine size for children just starting out in four wheeling. We used to be able to carry several sizes of 50cc quads for the kids, but manufacturers have completely stopped creating these, and so everyone now has to look to a little bit larger quad in what's available in the 90cc range.

The good part about having a 90cc four wheeler is that almost all four wheeler and quad manufacturers produce a 90cc sized ATV. The Can-Am DS 90 X quad happens to be the most popular at the moment due to its speedy design features that make it look like a miniature racing quad, something the kids love. The options for electric and kick start help easy your little guy or girl into riding quickly.

90 cc Four Wheelers on Sale at eBay!

2-2005 Polaris Predator 90's
2-2005 Polaris Predator 90's

Selling for Only: $1,875.00
Sale Ends In: 1d 19h 57m

1990 SCAT HP Hovercraft with TRAILER
1990 SCAT HP Hovercraft with TRAILER

Selling for Only: $4,500.00
Sale Ends In: 6d 22h 2m

Honda FL 400 Pilot
Honda FL 400 Pilot

Selling for Only: $2,025.00
Sale Ends In: 6d 4m

For those looking for a more utility style 90cc 4 wheeler, consider the Polaris 90 Sportsman ATV. Again, this one looks just like a much smaller version of the popular Sportsman four wheeler, with a rack on the back and the same color combinations as its much larger cousin.

The Polaris 90 Sportsman is the only version of the 90cc four wheeler that has the utility styling. Honda with their TRX90, Suzuki's Quadzilla, and the popular Yamaha Raptor 90 all feature design elements that make them look like miniature racing quads.

At the 90cc class, speed is going to be the same through all classes, so which type of four wheeler or quad you pick will really only be determined by what model you and your children like, or what comfort features are best for your children.

Be sure to always monitor the riding on these ATV's. Even though the 90cc four wheeler is more for the older kids, they still aren't old enough to ride without constant supervision. I believe that's probably why we don't see the 50cc quads any longer, so don't let this happen to the 90cc as well!

90cc Four Wheeler Photos

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