50 cc ATVs for Sale

We feel that it's best to start children on the smallest possible size engine you can, if you are going to let them ride four wheelers at any point in their lives.  The 50cc four wheelers are great for the little guys and girls because they don't have a lot of horsepower to allow your child to get in much trouble with a four wheeler! 

So, if you have a child under the age of 10, consider a 50cc four wheeler or ATV to teach them how to ride, and how to handle an ATV on their own.  It's much better than starting them out on a 450cc engine!

New Used 50 cc Four Wheelers on Sale at eBay!

2002 Suzuki QuadMaster 50 - Kids ATV - Runs Great - No Reserve!
2002 Suzuki QuadMaster 50 - Kids ATV - Runs Great - No Reserve!

Selling for Only: $405.00
Sale Ends In: 1h 48m

Unfortunately, very few 50cc four wheelers are available right now, if at all. As you can see the supply of this size ATV is extremely limited in number. Added to that, the major manufacturers of four wheelers (Honda, Can-Am, Polaris, and Yamaha) have absolutely stopped production on these four wheelers, and instead have begun to focus on the 90cc four wheelers. We're not sure if this is a safety issue or not, but it is what it is.

With that said, you will find more off-brands than name brand 50cc (and yes a few 49cc ATV's) in our search listing above. Names like Giovanni are not household names, so do your research before purchasing!

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